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History of Guam



Scientific studies have demonstrated the  extraordinary virtues of seaweed.
Jean Valnet, doctor and pioneer of phytotherapy, published in his studies:

“Seaweed has multiple properties. They stimulate, promote replacement, tone the endocrine glands and thus fight aging. They rebalance the organic soil, reinforcing the natural defenses. Remineralizing, circulatory, slimming, they are rich in antirheumatic, anti-infectious powers ... Their indications are numerous: adenitis, lymphatism, general predisposition to diseases ... prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cellulite ... To be effective, seaweed baths must obviously contain algae in sufficient proportion ... it takes a lot of them to have this effect. These baths are effective on condition of course that the algae have been carefully collected and dried and that they have retained all of their properties "

Jean Valnet


IN 1986 EGIDIO SIENA, THE FOUNDER OF GUAM-LACOTE arrived at the port of Brest in Brittany (France) he saw boats full of laminaria algae collected from the cold bottoms of the Atlantic Ocean. The algae were spread over the fields adjacent to the sea and dried in the sun and ocean wind until they lost 80% of their weight. This pure Algae concentrate was then taken to the mills and ground to become a very fine powder called the Alga flower.

From the great love for the sea and the experience in the field of cosmetics, the winning institution was born. Egidio Siena, starting from this flower of algae, prepared a formulation, enriching it with plant extracts and other natural ingredients, to obtain the consistency of mud to enclose all the special properties of seaweed. To verify its effectiveness, he had a scientific test carried out on a sample of 36 women which involved applying the preparation directly on the thighs and buttocks for 45 minutes a day and for several days.

The results of the test were wonderful. Participated women notice immediate, visible improvements in the reduction of cellulite, skin adiposity, and blemishes. The results obtained, in terms of aesthetic beauty, were extraordinary and women claimed to obtain excellent results starting from the first applications!

Supported by these exciting results, Egidio Siena then took care of the study, development, and large-scale production of the final product, always respecting traditional methods and remaining faithful to the formulation of the "first preparation" used during the scientific test.

For more than thirty years, the recipe of Guam Seaweed Mud has remained unchanged, the type of seaweed used remains the same, collected in the Oceans using the traditional method. Starting from May, when the algae are young and vital, the collection begins on board boats, with an ancient instrument (the "scoubidou"): the algae are collected and extracted from the seabed without harming the mother plant and then free from the water.
Taken ashore, they are evenly distributed in large fields to be dried and aired in the sun and ocean wind. Subsequently, the algae are ground and mixed with the other ingredients through rigorously cold procedures to maintain the original properties and characteristics unaltered.
Between 2006 and 2013, several surveys by the company GFK Eurisko were carried out on anti-cellulite products, based on a representative sample of women. From these nationwide surveys, it emerged that for women users of anti-cellulite products,
Guam Seaweed Mud is the product that produces the best results.